How much is a large set of large-scale Cable Wire Recycling Machine?

Author:Suny Group

In recent years, copper rice machines have begun to be discovered by more people. In fact, they are a kind of equipment that can recycle waste wire and cable. Many people who collect waste stations or have a lot of waste wire resources around them should know that copper rice is generally used. The output of the machine is 200-500KG/H. Of course, some large customers need to handle more waste wire and cable, so they need a larger copper machine. So how much is a large Cable Wire Recycling Machine?

Cable Wire Recycling Machine

The output of large-scale copper rice machines can generally reach 1000KG/H, which is suitable for some large factories. Generally, such model-sized copper rice machines need to be specially customized.

When the large copper rice machine is configured all day, according to the customer's needs, the copper rice machine mainly includes crusher, air separation screen and dust removal equipment, and the equipment is configured according to the specific output, not only on the original basis. High power or adding more equipment, it is necessary to coordinate the work between the equipment, so that the sorted copper rice will be cleaner, more efficient and more stable.

As for the price, this is directly related to the production and configuration of the copper machine of the test machine. In the initial stage, we will first understand the details of the customer's needs, and then carry out a preliminary design and reasonable quotation according to their situation, and then through the customer. After the confirmation, the customized production will be carried out. After the inspection, testing, delivery, transportation, installation, etc., the one-stop service can be guaranteed.