Multi-stage crushing system for waste tire crushing and recycling equipment

Author:Suny Group

SUNYGROUP waste tire crushing and recycling equipment has two specifications for tire pellet equipment, one is semi-automatic and the other is fully automatic, with capacities ranging from 200kg/h to 2000kg/h. Our tire pellet equipment line can meet the requirements of 1-6mm pellets or smaller pellets, which can meet the environmental protection technical indicators. The efficiency of the small tire pellet machine also meets the production requirements standard, so that individual customers and enterprise users can have different Choose, our tire pellet equipment machine is equipped with a dust removal system, an environmental protection system, and a multi-stage crushing system. It is an indispensable equipment line in the waste tire recycling project.

In terms of equipment innovation, the Design and Research Institute of SUNYGROUP Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has rich experience in mechanical design of granules and rubber powder, and has a large number of technicians who have both mechanical design experience and practical experience in crushing and sorting. They are responsible for the equipment of Gongyi Ruisec R&D, design, improvement and other tasks, more than 80% of the common waste tire pellet machines and tire pellet equipment lines have been technologically transformed, and thus the innovative equipment with Gongyi Ruisec was born, which is used for the recycling and utilization of waste tires. Provide more environmentally friendly and energy-saving tire processing equipment.

Environmental protection facilities: waste tire crushing to make pellets and rubber powder are two completely different waste tire crushing production lines. Therefore, when investing, choose the right direction and demand. Of course, in our company, both sets of equipment lines have prototypes that can be provided. Test machine service.