There are three main purposes for recycling waste tires: steel wire, carbon black and oil refining

Author:Suny Group

Automatic Tyre Recycling Machine

■ Steel wire: The steel wire drawn from waste tires can be directly sent to the steel plant for recycling. Generally, waste tires are divided into two categories: large steel wire tires and small steel wire tires.

Large-steel tires-commonly found in large freight trucks, they are used to extract the wool and tire wire for recycling. The rubber itself can be ground into rubber powder and made into reclaimed rubber.

Small steel tires-the same as the big tires, a part of the steel wire can be extracted, but the rubber of the small tires has a single purpose, and is often used for grinding powder to make waterproof materials.

■ Carbon black: Rubber can also be made into carbon black through oil refining equipment, and then made into granules through granulation equipment, which can be used for the manufacture of air-permeable plastic racetracks. The runways in the campuses and parks around us are made of this material.

■ Oil refining: After a series of high-temperature dissolution and cooling, the rubber can be used to obtain fuel oil, which can be further processed into gasoline for use as fuel.

Extract waste tire wire

The extraction of steel wire is very simple and the investment is very small. It only needs one machine and one or two workers can operate it. It takes about one minute to take a steel wire from a waste tire. Generally, two people can work about four to five tons a day.

A rough estimate is that one ton of tire ring mouth can produce about half a ton of steel wire and half a ton of rubber powder. The price of wool ring mouth recycling is about 1,000-1300 yuan per ton, but half a ton of extracted steel wire can be sold for about 1,400 yuan, with the remaining half. A ton of rubber powder can also be sold for four to five hundred yuan. That is to say, the comprehensive profit output value of one ton of circle mouth is around 1800~1900 yuan, and after removing the cost, one ton of profit can make at least a few hundred yuan. If one or two people can make four to five tons a day, the benefits are still good, and if the quantity is large, the profit is quite high.

Extracting waste tire steel wire-reprocessing and cutting into steel wire cut shots

The extracted scrap tire steel wire can be processed into steel wire pellets in addition to being sold directly. This processing is more laborious, so the profit is relatively large, and the price is doubled compared to the direct selling of steel wire. The cut steel wire shot after processing is mainly used in shipyards, grinding equipment and rust removal.