E-waste sorting solution

Author:Suny Group

As global consumer demand for electronic products continues to rise, the amount of e-waste generated each year has increased significantly. According to the study, 44.7 million tons of e-waste was generated globally in 2016 and is expected to reach 52.2 million tons by 2021. It can be seen from the data that the pollution of electronic waste is very serious, and if it is not treated effectively, it will cause serious environmental pollution.

E-waste sorting solution

E-waste sorting solution

Because electronic waste contains precious metal materials such as gold, silver, and copper. And in all kinds of electronic waste, waste circuit boards are rich in recyclable precious metals. Therefore, proper disposal of waste circuit boards will not only eliminate the hidden danger of environmental pollution, but also bring rich value returns.

SUNY GROUP's e-waste sorting solution is specially designed for sorting waste e-waste such as small household appliances and circuit boards. It can separate precious metals such as zinc, copper, and aluminum, and turn waste into treasure. The program integrates software and hardware, adopts modular design, and the production line covers: feeding system, crushing system, magnetic separation system, sorting system, dust removal system, etc.

The working process of the e-waste sorting solution is to first transport the e-waste to the crusher, break it into smaller size materials, shake the materials through the vibrating feeder, and evenly send the e-waste to the magnetic separator for magnetic separation, and separate the iron Metal and other materials enter the eddy current separator to separate non-ferrous metals and plastics, and the non-ferrous metals pass through the air-flow separator to separate copper and aluminum.