How To Start A Copper Wire Recycling Business ?

Author:Suny Group

Scrap copper wire recycling machine is mainly used to crush the waste copper wire, cable and wires, finally get the pure copper particles no plastic, is now back to the main mode of charging cable, the whole production line has a unique structure, large capacity and low power consumption. Separation rate is high, the separation is consists of several parts. The device not only improves the purity of copper, but also reduces the pollution to the environment.

How to start a copper wire recycling business ?

1.You should be have raw material ,the raw material may be is waste copper wire ,waste cable wire ,household wire, telephone wire, computer wire, automotive wire and cable

2.You should be have land ,put the machine on the place,the place should be enough big to put the raw material and machine .

3.Buy the high quality copper wire recycling machine is important for you,consider the factor is high output ,easy to install,lower noise and more stable operation