How to deal with waste tires?

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The accumulation and unreasonable disposal of waste tires not only cause pollution to the environment, but also a waste of resources. Therefore, turning waste tires into treasures, making rational use of rubber resources, and promoting the development of circular economy are of great significance to building a conservation-oriented and environment-friendly society.

Automatic Tyre Recycling Machine

There is a lot of rubber in the waste. Rubber plays a pivotal role in our industrial production, and my country is a rubber-deficient country, but a big rubber-consuming country. Most of the rubber needs to be imported. Therefore, we should make full use of waste tire resources to alleviate the poverty of rubber resources in our country. , pollution prevention and control is of great significance to building a circular economy and protecting the environment.

Waste tire rubber powder has many uses. Adding adhesives such as polyurethane or epoxy adhesives to the rubber powder and adding color pigments for dyeing at the same time produces rubber elastic floor mats of various colors, which are widely used in various outdoor sports and fitness places and children's venues. Recently, there is a new technology of high-temperature powder direct molding abroad, which can realize plasticization and cross-linking of vulcanized rubber powder under high temperature and high pressure to form a new process of rubber products.

During the repeated movement of the linear vibrating screen, the fibers with smaller specific gravity condense into clusters and continue to run forward on the screen; while the particles with larger specific gravity fall under the screen through the screen holes of different diameters and enter the screen. In the next step, the purpose of screening colloidal particles and fibers is achieved.

Waste tire powder recycling, how to deal with waste tires, where there are more waste tires

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