How to realize the separation of aluminum and plastic from waste aluminum-plastic panels?

Author:Suny Group

Aluminum-plastic panel materials are widely used in today's society. Every year, various aluminum-plastic panel scraps and aluminum-plastic panels are used to produce a lot of waste. The recycled aluminum-plastic panel waste is piled up like a mountain! How to realize aluminum and plastic two materials What about separation and recycling?

Aluminum-plastic recycling line

Aluminum-plastic recycling line

There are two ways to separate these waste aluminum-plastic panels. One is to bake the aluminum-plastic panel at high temperature by the aluminum-plastic panel baking machine, so that the aluminum-plastic panel can be completely separated from the plastic material in a high temperature environment. It is a simple and practical way of separation. This method has the advantage of small footprint and less investment! Quick results.

The other is to separate through the aluminum-plastic separation production line. The modern electrostatic metal separation technology is adopted by the physical method of shredding and crushing, so that the aluminum powder and the plastic material are completely separated. The advantage of this separation method is that the production line is automatically separated, and the separated aluminum powder sells well! No matter how small the aluminum-plastic board scraps can be fed and separated. The aluminum-plastic board baking machine cannot separate the small aluminum-plastic board waste.

Which method to use depends on your actual production needs. The question about the separation of aluminum composite panels will be shared with you today. As a professional manufacturer of solid waste recycling equipment, SUNY GROUP has rich experience and technical equipment in aluminum-plastic recycling. If you are interested or have related questions, please feel free to contact us for consultation.