Pcb recycling full plant

Author:Suny Group

Electronic waste is known as "urban mine". Suny Group Machinery provides customers with customized solutions for environmental protection of waste PCB boards from a professional perspective. Suny Group Machinery Co., Ltd. developed the waste PCB board environmental protection processing production line, mainly for the PCB industry, the frame material, scrap board, drilling powder produced by the circuit board manufacturer in the production process, and the environmental protection dismantling and disposal of the enterprises. Waste circuit boards are environmentally treated and recycled. The whole production line has the characteristics of easy operation, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, energy saving and high efficiency, and environmental protection.

ZY-BRB Circuit Board Recycling Linee


● Reasonable design, advanced technology and high degree of automation;

● The entire processing logistics process from raw material input to equipment processing is carried out in a closed state, and the production environment is free from any pollution;

● Waste PCB board processing capacity: The basic annual processing capacity of the recycling production line is about 3,000 tons, which can be designed and planned according to customer needs;

Reasonable sorting

Raw materials can be recovered into precious metal mixtures and non-metallic powder mixtures mainly composed of copper through physical and environmental protection treatment processes such as shredding, coarse crushing, pulverization, air separation, vibration gravity separation and separation, and electrostatic separation; The dust and waste gas generated in the production process are collected in an orderly manner and uniformly subjected to dust removal and waste gas purification treatment, and are discharged into the air after the environmental protection standards are met.


● Metal recovery rate: 93%~98%;

● Average metal content of non-metallic powder: ≤2%~5%