Working principle and characteristics of waste circuit board recycling equipment

Author:Suny Group

The circuit board recycling equipment is mainly used for the separation of metal materials and non-metal materials in waste circuit boards, polyimide films, pcb circuit boards and leftover materials. The development and design of circuit board recycling equipment not only improves the quality of recycled copper, but also avoids secondary pollution. The acquisition solution of this production line for waste circuit boards adopts the secondary production process, which turns the circuit board into metal material and epoxy resin. The powdered compound of resin chemical fiber is then processed by separation of metal material copper and epoxy resin according to wind speed sorting and electrostatic induction separation.

Circuit board recycling equipment The circuit board recycling equipment has a clean and tidy appearance and good overall performance. It has different recycling effects and processing modes for the recycling of computer motherboards, TV circuit boards, and circuit boards of other electronic equipment. The equipment is also designed. The new type of dust removal equipment has no harmful gas discharge and will not cause pollution to the natural environment. Green and sustainable development.

Circuit Board Recycling Plant

The circuit board recycling equipment uses electrostatic induction sorting technology to carry out metal material sorting. The basic principle is to use the difference in material conductivity and energy. Under the action of power engineering and mechanical equipment, the separation of materials is completed. It enhances the attractiveness of electrostatic induction poles for electrical conductors and the repulsive force for conductive media. A high-frequency alternating magnetic field is generated on the surface of the magnetic separation roller. When a rare metal with electrical conductivity undergoes an electromagnetic field, an eddy current will be magnetically induced in the rare metal. This eddy current itself will cause an electromagnetic field that is opposite to the original magnetic field. Rare metals (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) will fly forward along their transportation direction due to the repulsive effect of the electromagnetic field, complete the separation from other non-metallic materials, and achieve the purpose of sorting; the key difference evaluation criteria are The ratio of electrical conductivity and relative density of materials, materials with a high ratio are easier to separate than materials with a low ratio.

Equipment advantages:

1. The comprehensive performance is good, and it has different practical effects on the acquisition of temperature control switches, electronic computer boards, TV boards and other route controllers. It is also compatible with the recycling of various circuit boards containing power capacitors;

2. This production line is an updated product of type A. In type A, the electricity consumption is basically reduced, there is no noise, less manpower, and the automation technology process is high, and the efficiency is improved. In addition, it occupies a smaller area and is waste electricity (wire). Recycling and recycling of road boards to the ideal production line at this stage;

3. The whole set of equipment adopts new dust removal equipment, three-in-one dust removal (cyclone dust removal, electrostatic precipitator and static dust removal), which has zero gas pollution and no industrial waste gas;

4. The appearance of the equipment is clean and tidy, and the dust removal bag replaces the difficulty of traditional dust removal equipment that is difficult to solve.

Application areas:

All kinds of waste pcb circuit boards, circuit boards, polyimide films, leftovers, aluminum alloy boards, waste pills, electronic components; after the pcb circuit board raw materials are processed by the equipment, metal powder and epoxy resin are separated. Resin powder, fiber powder, generally more than 85% of metal powder is copper, and the rest is heavy elements such as gold, silver, tin, palladium, etc., and the price is very high.