What is the working principle of aluminum-plastic separation equipment?

Author:Suny Group

The aluminum-plastic separation equipment is an environmentally-friendly recycling equipment for the recycling and reuse of aluminum-plastic materials. Like the common waste medicine board, aluminum foil, yogurt bottle cover, aluminum-plastic vacuum packaging bag, etc. in the market, all can be made of aluminum plastic. Recycling equipment is selected for recycling.

Aluminum-plastic recycling line

First, the collected aluminum-plastic materials are collected into a mill for grinding, and then these materials are sorted by an electrostatic separator. According to the different conductivity characteristics of aluminum and plastic, we are all separated. It is known that it is one of the common conductors with good electrical conductivity, while plastics have no conductivity. When the mixed powder of plastic and aluminum is used for the cylinder inside the electrostatic separator, there will be a fixed high-voltage electrode above it. A stable magnetic field, so that the aluminum powder and the plastic powder are polarized at the same time, and when they leave the magnetic field, the aluminum powder will quickly lose the charge, and the plastic will continue to carry, so under the next centrifugal force and gravity, the aluminum powder will When it is thrown out of the roller, the plastic powder falls along the roller, which separates the aluminum powder and the plastic.

Therefore, the main components of the Aluminum-plastic recycling line are the mill, the electrostatic separator, the dust removal equipment, etc., and because the aluminum content in different materials is not the same, the equipment needs to be debugged differently during the specific sorting. For best results.