What materials can be recycled by Aluminum-plastic recycling line?

Author:Suny Group

For Our Automatic Aluminum-plastic recycling line, you can separate the following aluminum scraps:

1.Aluminum composite panel (ACPs)

2.Medical blister

3.Scrap aluminum plastic plates

4.Aluminum-plastic PPR Pipe

5.Scrap toothpaste tube

6.Various aluminium plastic & flexible packaging

7.Aluminum and plastic combined caps

8.Medical board scrap

9.Food packaging bags

10.Aluminum off-cuts

11.Aluminum plastic strip

12.Aluminum-Plastic flim



Our aluminum and plastic separating machine for medical blister recycling working principle is: Firstly the crusher processing the aluminum plastic plate into 0.8cm pieces,

then the milling machine mills the material into powder size(about 18-15 meshes), through circular vibaration screen, the powder in suitable size will be delivered to the

electrostatic separator.


Process of the Plastic Aluminum Separating Line

the machine can separate the aluminum and plastic in 99% rate.

The whole process can be realized in one production line, fully closed operation ensures not creating any pollution.

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